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By supporting Footprints and as a certified  BCorp brand, Näak is as committed to sustainability and community as it is to profit. We are proud to help advance climate and social justice goals through running.
It's been 6 years since we launched Näak. Like an ULTRA, it's an extraordinary adventure made up of challenges and encounters! We have an incredible team and community that inspires us every day.
Florent Beaufils is an ultra traileur and ultra designer. He designed the design of our latest Ultra Energy Drink Mixes. We were happy to interview Flo for the launch of the drink mixes in France.

This means at Näak, we meet the highest standards of positive impact for our employees, communities, and the environment. We are joining the team of certified B Corporations to lead and drive the global movement of using business for good.

Näak and Laurin Thorne present to you, The 5k Giveaway. Aimed at promoting inclusiveness in endurance sports, and general fun in our community, one lucky winner of this Strava contest will get a free box of Ultra Energy Waffles and a ciele cap!

There are many arguments held in the cycling world. From the best gear to the best races, it seems everything is up for debate these days. However, all around the globe, cyclists have come together to speak of one universal truth.

Näak bars may become an essential for many of you, but you don't know that yet. Whether you are active in sports, want to get back into shape or have a protein snack after your yoga session, we are convinced that Näak bars can become a part of your daily life.So if you still haven't adopted them, here are 7 reasons that should convince you!

If you’re someone interested in buying protein powder to help build muscle and strength, you’ve come to the right place! Näak is now launching a line of protein powders in two delicious flavors. Get the inside scoop on our line of protein powder: learn what it is, its nutritional values, and how it benefits you.

Our mission at Näak is to power the world of ultra-sport performance with efficient and sustainable fuel while bringing out the limitless potential in all athletes. We will continue to lead the cricket protein market in sport nutrition by relaunching our energy bar line and expanding into the product line of plant-based protein with a strong differentiation. We believe that our new logo will ensure that customers understand the brand benefits at first glance: sustainable performance, long-lasting energy, and fast recovery.

Today is a very special day: Näak is 4 years old! Yes, 4 years already, time flies ... It's an incredible adventure that continues thanks to

As we face an unprecedented crisis, we know how difficult it is for our ultra-distance athletes to be deprived of their races. Näak team wants to contribute in it own way to support its community of ultra endurance athletes. We encourage everyone, from amateurs to professionals, to stay active during this period, while respecting the safety guidelines dictated by the Government of Quebec and Canada.

After having made our athletes run an ultra distance, what better than to make them do some elevation gain this week to remember the good feelings of the trail? On your stairs or in the mountains if the safety guidelines dictated by the government allow it, are you ready ? 💪

160km, in 22 hours and 49 minutes. No, you are not dreaming, this is the ultra marathon that Nicolas Danne, of French origin and Quebecer at heart, completed in his Montreal neighborhood, Villeray, on Saturday, March 24, 2020.

Like many endurance athletes at the moment, Nicolas has seen all his spring and summer races cancelled. Far from being discouraged, he wanted to take on a new challenge over an ultra distance to support a cause that is close to his heart.

Indeed, more than a personal feat, it is above all an act of great generosity. What could be better than wanting to help the healthcare personnel who are fighting every day against the current pandemic?

As we face an unprecedented crisis, we know how difficult it is for our ultra-distance athletes to be deprived of their races. Näak

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