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We are interviewing Henri Do, an ultra cyclist who completed the 1st edition of the longest race in the world, the TransCanada Bike Race. This race crosses Canada from North to South and from West to East, a journey of 12,500 km with more than 95,000 m of elevation gain.
For the UTMB, four professional athletes share their nutrition strategy during this legendary race. Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon, Thibaut Garrivier, Mathieu Blanchard and Marianne Hogan reveal how they will eat before and during their ultra marathon. This episode is full of useful information that you can apply during your ultra distance.
In this episode, we have the pleasure of interviewing Steven Le Hyaric. He tells us about his atypical career, which led him to want to go from Buddhist monk to Ultra Cyclist, and his definition of happiness. He tells us about the Race Across France 2022 which he won in 6 days, and gives us his secrets: how he manages his sleep, his nutrition, and his recovery.

L’athlète française marque l’histoire du trail en Septembre 2020 en établissant le premier record du monde féminin de dénivelé en 24 heures, parvenant à cumuler 16 572 m de D+, ce qui correspond à la quatrième performance (connue) de tous les temps, derrière trois hommes (Aurélien Dunand-Pallaz, Patrick Bohard et Luca Manfredi). Elle a parcouru 278 montées-descentes (520 m de long, 60 m D+) soit 144 km sur cette journée entière d’efforts. Découvrez son parcours atypique et sa tentative de battre le record du monde masculin de dénivelé positif en 24 heures.

Mathieu a parcouru 250km à -40°C en ski pulka dans l'Oeil du Québec

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