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Since my early childhood, growing up between Guadeloupe and the French mainland, I've fostered a deep passion for climbing mountain peaks and diving into the ocean's depths. I approach life at full speed, matching the pace of my runs. The outdoors captivates me with its sense of freedom, the challenge of pushing my limits, the range of emotions it evokes, and the opportunities for personal growth. That's why I specialize in ultra-trail running and embarking on adventurous expeditions around the globe.


  • UTMB 2023 — 4th Place
  • UTMB 2022 — 2nd Place
  • UTMB 2021 — 3rd Place

Can you share a surprising or amusing anecdote from your trail experience?

During my first experience in mountain ultra trail racing, I got so hot that I dozed off in a cattle trough full of fresh water. It was my friend Marianne Hogan who picked me up.

What role do your friends and family play in your career?

It's a life balance I found. They are now part of my athlete "team."

Through your collaboration with Näak what values would you like to pass on to your community?

That sports nutrition should be part of the spectrum of health, that it can be good, environmentally friendly, and tailored to the demands of my practice.

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