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I'm an ultra trail runner living in Missoula, Montana. I have been a runner for most of my life, but switched to trails about 5 years ago. I love the competitive aspect of racing, but also love the process and adventure of training for these types of races. I like to train where I live, there are so many trails I can run from home. In my free time I help organize races in the Missoula area and go fishing.


  • World Mountain Trail Championships 2022 — 1st Place
  • Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run 2022 — 1st Place
  • The Canyons Endurance Runs 100K by UTMB 2022 — 1st place

What's your greatest source of motivation in difficult times?

I think my motivation for competitive running has always been to see how far I can push myself and test my limits. With ultra running I feel like that motivation is even more true.

What role does nutrition play in your training and trail performances?

Nutrition is key for training and trail performance. If you fuel up properly during a race, you can keep going strong for a longer time. The same goes for training – eating well and getting enough sleep are the most important things for recovering after a tough workout.

What are your favorite Näak products and why?

I particularly like Näak fuels for their long-lasting energy benefits. The drink mix, gel, and protein powder are my favorites. What makes Näak special to me is their strong commitment to sustainability, a value that holds great significance within the trail running community.

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