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I am an IT professional working in Swiss air traffic control. My journey into trail running began later in life, but I have been on the trails for over 20 years. My trail running journey started with the Fortich (107kms) in 2000 and continued with the UTMB in 2004, although both experiences resulted in a DNF.


  • UTMB 2023 — 5th Place
  • TDS 2022 — 1st Place
  • Diagonale des Fous 2021 — 1st Place

What do your friends and family play in your career?

They are essential, they are the main motivation and also an inspiration. I want to teach my children about perseverance and resilience, not just in sports, but in everything they do. My greatest achievement, the UTMB 2016, would not have been possible without family.

What advice would you give to your younger self just starting out in trail running?

Do exactly the opposite of what I did; start small even if you're interested in longer distances... I stumbled before succeeding in ultratrail.

What are your favorite Näak products and why?

Waffles (all flavors), apple and maple syrup puree, and th watermelon drink mix are my favorite product. The energy intake is crucial, especially for ultra endurance and ultratrail; it can make or break a race. Trusting your sports nutrition is definitely a priority.

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