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I'm a little guy who, one day in Chamonix, had the pleasure of seeing athletes return from their Mont-Blanc tour in just over 20 hours. Since then, I've been passionate about my sport and driven by a few performance dreams. My first "significant" trail experience was the YCC, the UTMB youth race. But my real first trail experiences were long hikes with my family in Combloux facing Mont-Blanc.


  • Nakawé 50K Puerto Vallarta by UTMB 2023 — 7th Place
  • Verbier Marathon by UTMB 2023 — 11th Place
  • P'tit Trail des Aiguilles Rouges 2022 — 7th Place

Describe Näak in 3 words?

Ambition, energy, ta-bar-näak.

What's your best memory of trail running?

My best memory is the Verbier Marathon by UTMB in July 2023. Halfway through the race, I was in a state of fluidity you can't even imagine. I went from 27th to 11th place in just a few kilometers. It's my best memory and mentally it's a reference race today.

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