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Naakbar Ambassador Naakbar Ambassador
Mathieu Blanchard

Marianne Hogan

Discipline Ultra Running

Nationality Canada Flag Icon

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“Choose to be optimistic.”


Born and raised in a small town in Quebec, Marianne Hogan is an ambassador for the Näak elite and an ultra-trail runner. She developed a lifelong passion for swimming, cycling, and running, which led her to compete in triathlons. Her journey took her to the World Para Triathlon Series, where she excelled as a guide for Jessica Tuomela, earning bronze medals in Montreal and Lausanne, France, and a gold at the Para Triathlon World Cup test event in Tokyo. Following her successful triathlon career, Marianne discovered a deep love for trail running, achieving top-level performance records. Her favorite Näak Bar is the Ultra Energy™ Mocha Bar.


UTMB 2022

2nd Place


WES 2022

3rd Place


UTCT 2022

2nd Place



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