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It's easy to get discouraged from being active when the rain is coming down. It's wet, it's cold, and it makes your bed look so warm and inviting. We know how it feels to want to get outside, but feeling held back by the torrential downpour happening outside your window. That's why we've created a guide for you to enjoy the outdoors when it's raining. If you are feeling up for an adventure, and no rain will hold you back, here are some rules you can follow to prepare for the wet seasons.

Training for a triathlon is no joke. These brutal races require athletes to master three separate disciplines, bringing them together

Winter is coming to an end. The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and it sure is muddy out there! If you are like us here at

In the past, technique was more important than the physical aspect, today both factors are important to increase performance at the highest level. Each sport requires a specific work of strengthening, working on power, balance and strength. But why is muscle strengthening important? Continue to read to find out!

Maintaining a regular rhythm and training your body to the effort is important. Cross-training is the practice of several disciplines in order to vary the pleasures of the sport. It allows you to work all the muscles of the body and become physically and mentally stronger! If you would like to know more about the benefits of cross-training, keep reading this article!

With the arrival of below-freezing weather, exercising outside can seem like a burden. However, it’s important to keep training to prepare your body for races during warmer weather. But winter training doesn’t have to be all that bad. With the right attitude and gear, you can not just continue training but crush your workouts. Instead of taking the winter off, use these tips to make the best of your winter runs when the winter hits.

On November 6th we received Mathieu Blanchard (@mathieu_kohlanta) on our Instagram live, Ultra French runner and Näak

Ultra marathons are one of the most mentally and physically challenging races out there. What’s more is that your race does not end at the finish line. How you recover from an ultra marathon or trail race can actually be more difficult and painful than the training, but there are many steps you can take to heal your body more effectively and efficiently.

When running an ultra marathon of any distance, anything can go wrong. You are on your feet for hours, often alone, getting progressively more tired, hungry, and anxious: there will undoubtedly be some factors you cannot control on race day, but you’ll just have to keep going.

If you’re planning to run your first ultra marathon or are a novice to ultra running, read on to learn the 7 common mistakes that almost all runners make. Learn from these mistakes to avoid making them in the future! 

It's no secret that athletes are always on the hunt for tricks that will help them enhance sport performance. Whether it is training at high altitudes or switching up their diets, if you can name it, someone has probably tried it. As the years go by and new training techniques arise, some turn out to be successful, some are destined to fail, and others… well we just don’t know yet! Amongst those training techniques, one which has been recently grabbing the attention of many endurance athletes is: training in a fasted state. What is it? Does it work? Should you try it? If you’re looking for answers to these questions, read along!

With the COVID-19 pandemic leaving many stuck at home, you may be wondering if it’s even possible to have a workout regiment. Between gyms closing and health officials advising all to stay indoors, exercise might seem inaccessible at this time. However, trying to maintain some kind of routine is extremely important for your well-being, and this includes keeping up with regular exercise. More than ever, it is critical to find ways to stay physically fit and mentally strong.

Running Addict is a passionate runner whose philosophy is "train seriously, without taking yourself seriously". On his blog, running addict shares all sorts of tips on running and even offers a training plan for a marathon! We had the chance to ask him some questions about good habits to adopt after a marathon. If this interests you, read this article!

Bart Rolet is an elite triathlete who finished 3 times in less than 10 hours at the World IRONMAN Championship in Hawaii and was third Quebecois during his last participation in 2015. Bart is also known to be the head coach of Bart Coaching. Over the past five years, Bart has led more than 200 triathletes toward their goals, from sprint to full IRONMAN distance.

Félix is the 2010 Pan Am U17 Badminton Champion, and the 2015 Senior Provincial Champion. Since he began badminton at the age of 7, he has distinguished himself at the provincial and national levels in the U13 category. In preparation for next season, Félix tells us about his love for the game, the importance of mindset in badminton, and what sport has brought to his everyday life.

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