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Sarah Korpach, a certified personal trainer and one of our top running ambassadors, talked to us about the effects of strength and power training on endurance athletes. She gave us some amazing tips, and a few exercises for you to try out!

Challenges facing a mother are non-stop. These unsung-heroes not only provide life, but they know how to nurture it best! As

Does anyone else's fight or flight kick in on the first long cycling trip of Spring? Cars flying by at 100 km/h, still unable to share the

The hustle of the city, the juggling act of being a parent, trying to balance work and play responsibly. In this life, it's easy to feel

If, like us, you are a fan of Mathieu Blanchard, you couldn't miss his latest sporting prowess. By completing the GRA1's 650km long

We told you last week about Elliot Cardin's crazy challenge to break the Everesting world record. As a reminder, this iconic challenge is

On Saturday, October 31st, it's Halloween. All kinds of extraordinary things can happen, sometimes some of them are hard to believe:

It all started after my victory in the Quebec Mega Trail 110 km in July 2019, where the prize for the winner was an invitation to the Grand Raid de la Réunion. Without hesitation, I embarked on the adventure! At the beginning of 2019, when I was only in my first year of trail racing, I planned to stay in Quebec to see how I was doing in my province before venturing on a national or international level. However, my goals have changed and my training was now focused towards the Grand Raid taking place in October.

Elliot Cardin, his name may ring a bell, because this young Quebecer from Bromont is one of the elite endurance athletes. Elliot started racing a few years ago, and has never given up. Trail running has become a passion for him and our Näak ambassador shares it with us today.

Elliot shares with us his best racing memory, his achievement at the Black Canyon Ultra 100k 2020.

Andressa Ericksen started triathlon last May, and has progressed immensely. After having participated in many races over the summer, she decided to register for the 70.3 IRONMAN in Cozumel, which took place in September 2016. She finished in 8th place out of 48 people in her age group (25-29 years old). A nice revenge for the young athlete from Quebec who suffered from disordered eating a for a few years. Andressa tells us about her journey with humility.

At 21 years old, Arnaud Côté Boisvert was the youngest participant in the 3rd edition of the Gaspésie International Raid (RIG). During this 4 day challenge, teams of adventurers must complete a 300km journey by running, swimming, and paddling. Arnaud and his teammate Pierre Poirier finished in 18th position out of 40 teams. Our Näak athlete, a smoke runner and trail runner, tells us about his first time participating in the RIG.

Marc Flageole finished 2nd in his age category (45-49 years old) and 14th overall at Tremblant's 2016 IRONMAN, which means he qualified for the IRONMAN world championships in Kona. Marc is used to Kona, as he has already been 11 times. Next year, he is aiming for a top 5 in his age category. Marc tells us about his race in Tremblant, his progress in swimming this year, and gives us some tips for those of you would like to qualify for Kona one day.

Julie Gadreau waited two long years to do her first IRONMAN in Tremblant. Last year, a femoral fracture three weeks before her race forced her to drop out. After spending two months on crutches, and after a new stress fracture to her food in April, Julie finally completed her bet. On August 21st, 2016, she swam for 3.8km, cycled for 180km, and ran 42.2km in 12:14:18; finishing in 11th position in her age category (40-44 years old). A fine example of combativity and self-sacrifice. Julie tells us about her race.

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