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It is safe to say that, here in Canada, cricket powder definitely isn’t a “traditional” ingredient. In fact, it is only in the last few years that cricket powder has been added to the shelfs of your favourite grocery stores. Hence, when all of us here at Näak encounter people who have only recently discovered this awesome ingredient, we often get confronted with the same question: “how do I use it?”. If you’re curious about cricket powder and how to integrate it to your diet, keep on reading this article!

As you know, at Näak, environmental protection is one of our biggest concerns. Nature is our playground and we want to preserve it. Naturally, Näak then supports the actions of @runecoteam who encourages "ecological jogging", called "plogging". To learn more about plogging and its origins, we had the chance to meet (virtually) @James Guilbaud, ambassador of @runecoteam in Montreal. Read this article to learn more.

From November 1 to 30, for each product ordered online, Näak donates $1 to the Pour3Points association. The funds raised will help young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to succeed in life, thanks to the values of sport.

At Näak, taking care of the planet is our biggest concern and is what this startup is centered around. We want to provide you with sustainable food products that have a positive impact on health, sports performance, and the environment. However, the world's population keeps increasing. In the next food production will have to be doubled to meet the growing demand for food and especially for animal proteins. However, can our planet meet these needs?

The word “superfood” may ring a bell since this term has become increasingly popularized in the media. But what is really a superfood, and are crickets part of it ?

It comes as no surprise that our planet is currently undergoing a social and ecological crisis that will continue to persist unless we make a change in our lifestyles, particularly in our diets. With the world’s population steadily increasing, experts predict that we will not be able to sustain the world’s current protein diet by the year 2050.

Maybe you have already asked yourself this question: can vegetarians eat bugs? This debate has been a subject of controversy in the vegetarian community since the recent raise of entomophagy. In this article, you'll understand what is the entotarian diet and how it solves the problem.

Right now, our world is facing significant and urgent food shortages. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that about 795 million people currently suffer from a chronic lack of nutritious food. With the world’s population at a steady increase, we will not be able to sustain the world’s current protein diet by the year 2050. Thankfully, Naak is on a mission to address this dooming food security problem: crickets! Read on to learn about the many benefits of these edible insects.

People often think that cricket flour and cricket powder are the same ingredients. However, you might be surprised to learn that these two terms, which seem quite similar at first, actually have very different meanings!

Cricket powder is milled from whole crickets, so it has a nutritional profile high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. On the other hand, flour is a powder ground from grains and has a very different nutrient composition than that of cricket powder. If you’re confused, don’t worry, we’ll be explaining the differences in this article!

Plant-based athletes have been proving for years now that you don’t need meat to succeed. As a matter of fact, some endurance athletes now swear by a vegan diet, claiming that they feel healthier, less inflamed, and more energized.

Näak bars are taking the world by storm. A tasty energy bar with minimal and sustainable ingredients that gives you enough energy to stay active, what’s not to love? Many endurance athletes depend on the ubiquitous Näak bar for fuel during long runs or as a post-workout snack for muscle recovery. But there is more to these bars than just its tasty flavor, read on for 7 things you might not know about your favorite energy bars!

Now more than ever, it is crucial for each and everyone of us to make conscious decisions in our everyday lives in order to reduce our environmental footprint. Here at Näak, we really value the environment. From the development of our products to our packaging, we try to remain as eco-friendly as we can. If you want to find out how we take care of our planet, keep on reading!

We spend a lot of time boasting about the long list of benefits that come with adding crickets to our diet. However, we don't really discuss where the crickets we use come from and how they are farmed. For that reason, we have decided to dedicate this entire blog post to cricket farming!

This is the first time you hear the word entomophagy in your life? You heard people talking about entomophagy on the bus yesterday, but you're not quite sure you understand what it is? You already have an interest for entomophagy, and you want to know more about it? In this blog post, we will talk about why insects are the food of the future, who currently eats insects, and the origin of entomophagy.

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