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Antoine Collomb-Patton - Athlete of the French Handisport team

Nickname: ACP
Age: 28 years old
Born on 22/02/1995 in Annecy
2 clubs, one handisport and one valid: Handisport Annecien / Club des sports de la Clusaz
Specialty: Cross country skiing

What is my disability?
I was born deaf. For many hearing people, this total or partial loss of senses implies learning sign language.
Personally, I was born "profoundly" deaf in a family of hearing people. My hearing loss is close to total.
This discovery, when I was one year old, implied the need to learn to communicate.

Two possible choices for this:
- The learning of a language in its own right, also implying from my entourage its learning:
LSF, French sign language.
- Learning a gestural technique associated with lip movement, while speaking in the mother tongue: the LPC, completed spoken language.

It is this second choice that I used on a daily basis. Combined with speech therapy and an adapted hearing aid, stimulating my low level of hearing, this allowed me to speak and adapt to the world of hearing people.
Since 2015, I am a toolmaker technician in the company TSL OUTDOOR.
That is to say that I manufacture, repair, modify and maintain molds for plastic injection for the medical cosmetics aeronautics automotive food sport.
Since 2020 I am also an athlete of the French handisport team for deaf people in cross-country skiing (skating and classic).

Sport for me has always been a way to unwind, to change my mind during my childhood with deafness and that's how I got involved in sport. I like competition very much and I used to compete a lot with my school and my club.

At the age of 15, I switched from alpine skiing to cross-country skiing because at the time I was a soccer referee and I needed to work on my fundamental endurance. For me alpine skiing was not a cardio sport I needed more intensity ahah!
I had started cross country skiing at the age of 5 years old with the school but not in the competition at that time I started alpine skiing in pre club.
I had and still have support and encouragement during my competitions!

I want to show people that with any disability you can do it, it gives you strength for the future!

My mantra : "Keep going, don't give up anything to go further".

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