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Baptiste Chassagne joins the Näak Pro Team

Together towards new peaks.

From his first experience at the SaintéLyon, a story of passion began. In 2023, he became French long-distance trail champion, and that same year added the title of world long-distance trail team champion in Innsbruck. At his first UTMB, he crossed the finish line in 10th place, marking the start of an impressive ascent.

Discover the words of Baptiste, an athlete who handles a pen with the same grace as his legs.

What led you to join the Näak team?

Baptiste Chassagne: "It's a choice that was driven by a meeting and a conviction. I told myself I wanted to work with these guys. I can't explain it, but it's a powerful feeling. For me, the most important thing is that there's continuity between what you do in training and what you reproduce in the race. And that's where I find Näak has a real competitive edge."

There's a range that means you can cover all the needs of an athlete who wants to perform in ultra trail. That's one of the reasons I chose Näak. 

Baptiste, can you tell us what motivates you most in your sporting career?

Baptiste Chassagne: "Today, I feel that what feeds me most are the emotions. And more than the products, the people behind them. All the carbohydrates and calories are important, but what keeps me going, my real fuel, is human relationships."

It's the extra soul I'll be able to have with the people I move forward with, the people I work with.

By joining Team Näak Pro, what further step do you intend to take in your sporting career?

Baptiste Chassagne: "For me, signing up with Näak is clearly another step towards my dreams and goals. It's another step towards greater professionalism. It's the promise of a human adventure. With Näak, I have the impression that I'm about to embark on something where I'll meet a lot of people. So I'm really excited about this new chapter. "

I'm sure I'll grow as a man. That's why I love this sport so much. It's for the encounters it allows me to make.

Can you tell us about your first contact with Näak?

Baptiste Chassagne: "It was between kilometers 110 and 120 of the UTMB, at the Fouilly aid station. We had been on total autonomy for five hours, from the Courmayeur aid station. I arrive at the refuelling station completely greedy, and I fall into Waffles (figuratively speaking). I remember it was a Vanilla Waffle and I filled my flasks with the Drink Mix Lime. At that point, I'm having major nutritional problems, I can't eat anymore and I have hypoglicaemia."

I don't know if this is a sign, but overall, the only product I'm able to eat until the end of the UTMB is the Drink Mix Lime and Waffles, which will comfort me and keep me going until the finish line.

Baptiste, can you share an anecdote with us?

Baptiste Chassagne: "It was during the 2023 Trail World Championships. I was so hypoglycemic that, to get to the top of the climb where the aid station was set up, I filled 3 or 4 flasks in a stream, making my body believe it was Coca-Cola! And it almost worked."

Once at the summit, I regained my strength. I had come with the determination to proudly wear the colors of the French team. 

What's your favorite meal after an ultra?

Baptiste Chassagne: "We eat so many starchy foods before the race and so many sugars during it that after an ultra I just want to eat fresh fruit and vegetables."

If you come and see me at the UTMB, bring me a bunch of fresh white grapes. The assurance of drawing a big smile on my face.

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