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Marketing Content Specialist


Näak is a sports nutrition brand driven to push the boundaries of performance while preserving the planet. The company manufactures and distributes high-performance and eco-friendly energy bars and protein powders for endurance athletes. 

Thousands of professional and amateur athletes depend on Näak products to explore new playgrounds and redefine what is physically possible.


The missions of the Content Marketing Specialist are: 

  1. write and plan email campaigns (promo, content);
  2. create and optimize automated email flows;
  3. ensure the creation of content and plan its diffusion;
  4. manage the editorial line through all communication channels (email, social media, website, blog, pop-up, etc.)

The objective is simple: to ensure the content production, the quality of the brand image and the relevance of the content delivered to users. 

The person in this role will also have to establish performance indicators and create performance reports.

Being an athlete or having a connection with the endurance sports community is a plus to manage campaigns and join our team.


    • Expert in copywriting / storytelling
    • English first language
    • Knowledge of the outdoor community
    • Knowledge of sport nutrition
    • Autonomous in visual content creation (Adobe, Canva)
    • Knowledge of email campaign management software (Klaviyo)
    • Results-driven leadership
    • Strong execution capacity


        • Bachelor's degree in marketing or communication
        • 0 to 2 years of professional marketing experience in a startup, agency or similar environment 
        • Knowledge of best practices in digital content marketing


                    • Starting date: Feb 2021
                    • Full-time job
                    • Location: Canada
                    • Apply at

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