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Lou Casenaz

Lou Casenaz

Lou Casenaz

Mix Martial Art - Naak Athlete

Lou Casenaz is an Mix Martial Arts professional fighter since 2009. Of French origin, he began combat sports in 2002, specializing in Muay Thai / Kick Boxing, then went in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu then he gained experience in MMA which he considers the most complete and most realistic combat sport. Loved by the public for his outspoken and his particularity to be spectacular, he is feared when he stand, during exchanges called "striking", due to his technique, his long reach and power. However, he is also good on the ground and sharpens his Jiu Jitsu every day at the Brazilian Top Team Canada and complex BTT Beloeil, which includes high-ranking combatants, as Patrick Cote (UFC Fighter), Lee Villeneuve (Jiu Jitsu Black Belt), Fabio Holanda (headcoach & BlackBelt), Sana Milochevitch (Muay Thai Fighter / Coach) ...

Notable Results or Accomplishments:

  • Pro since 2009
  • Held « Octogon Fight Club » 145lbs title

What do you think about the Naak bar?

First intrigued by the originality of the product, I then enjoyed the different flavors and texture of the Nakk bars. Being athletic, this mix of nutrients appeals me enormously as it contributes to the proper functioning of the body, which is essential for my lifestyle. Moreover, it is interesting that the breeding of insects is more environmentally responsible than animals. Rich in proteins, 100% natural and delicious, the Naak bars are not only beneficial for the body but also for the environment.

Your favourite Naak bar flavour ?

My favorite is the choco-banana as chocolate and banana is simply my favorite dessert! In cake, with ice cream or even when I go to Cocoa 70 or Juliette et Chocolat (outside of period of fighting ;) ).

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