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Arnaud Côté-Boisvert

Arnaud Côté-Boisvert

Arnaud Côté-Boisvert

Skimo & Adventure racer - Naak Athlete

Arnaud always loved sports and in 2011 when he moved to Orford, he fell in love with the mountain, rock climbing, trail running and of course, skiing. After running cross-country at the college level and competing in trail races, he needed to find a way to ski without using a chairlift. He found a solution in ski-mountaineering where he could also get to the perfect powder conditions. Since then, he joined the team at Endurance Aventure and Skimoeast which set him up with a pair of ultra-light skis. Skimo is a mix of trail running, cross-country and downhill skiing: the best of all three sports combined into one. I has been racing for the past year and a half on the Skimoeast series. He's also training for races out West in Canada and a few in Europe for La Grande Course Series. On top of that, he's also training for the 2016-2017 Canadian championships and the international Training Camp in Europe. He will also be participating in the 2016 Raid International de Gaspésie, a 300 km race. He recently won the 12-hour adventure race GMARA Bitter Pill after he placed second at the Frigid Infliction 12 hour Raid this past winter, which qualified us for the Raid international championship in the US

Notable Results or Accomplishments:

  • Younger participants and 300km Finisher of the International Raid of Gaspésie
  • Second position at GMARA Frigid Infliction raid 12h adventure
  • Third position at the Stoneham skimo
  • Junior member of the Canadian skimo team (CMCC) Ski mountaineering Competition Canada

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