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Näak Strava Segments | UTHC 2022

We created 3 NÄAK Strava segments for the 2022 edition of the Ultra Trail Harricana. All participants of the UTHC will be able to compete on these segments and enter to win a prize!

NÄAK Segment #1


Distance: 3.39km | Elevation: -193m


Näak x UTHC segment #1 - Descente vers le split Näak

NÄAK Segment #2


Distance: 2.02km | Elevation: +517m


Montée Morios UTHC - Strava segment Näak

NÄAK Segment #3


Distance: 2.36km | Elevation: +39m


Montagne Noire UTHC - Strava segment Näak


What are the prizes? A $40 gift card will be offered to each female and male runner who have the fastest-known time on each Strava segment (6 winners: 3 female and 3 male)

Who can enter? All participants of the Ultra Trail Harricana 2022.

How to enter? Grab your sport watch during the race and upload your data on your Strava mobile app or on the Strava website. Each Strava Segment has a leaderboard that ranks all Strava athletes who match the GPS trace between the defined start and finish. We will pick the winners based on the fastest recorded time during the race, between September 9 and 11th, 2022.

What is a Strava segment? Your GPS-based activities can be broken down into smaller sections called segments. Segments designate specific features or portions of a route. Learn more on Strava.

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