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Energy Drink Mix Salted Soup 6 Serving Packets

Fuel your ultra distance on liquid energy. Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix provides 250 calories per 500ml of water. Fast-acting and easy to ingest, it provides all the nutrients you need to race an ultra. The Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix Salted Soup recipe is made with salty vegetable broth flavor and upcycled ingredients and can be used either hot or cold. The resealable zipper allows tailored consumption and refills from the Salted Soup bulk bag for on-the-go use.


Developed with pro athletes, Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix is the first drink mix that provides complete proteins (EAAs) and BCAAs at optimized levels for long-term efforts, preventing the degradation of muscle fibers during a long and intense physical activity.

Fueling specs

- 250 calories: get all your calories in a liquid form
- 55g carbohydrates: simple and complex natural carbohydrates
- 1100mg electrolytes: replenish minerals lost in sweat
- 1300mg BCAAs: prevent muscle breakdown during exercise
- 8g protein: all essential amino acids to reduce muscle fatigue


Sugars (dextrose, maltodextrin), hydrolyzed oat flour (gluten-free), pea protein isolate, barley rice protein, yeast extract, salt, carrot powder, tomato powder, leek powder, natural flavours, herbs & spices (bayleaf, celery, tyme), magnesium citrate, potassium citrate. Contains: Gluten, Celery. May contain: Milk, eggs, soy.

Nutrition facts

Why you'll love it

Reusable packet: Includes a zipper to close it.

Salty taste: A taste of miso and vegetable soup, to cut the sweetness.

No gastro-intestinal discomfort: Get all your calories in a liquid form.

Portable size: On-the-go packets for quick, easy hydration.

When to use graph

Add a packet to 500ml of water (hot or cold) and shake well.
Drink 1 serving for each hour of exercise.

Used by ultra distance athletes

All our products are developed hand in hand with elite athletes through the Näak Lab. Our mission is to build the most efficient and sustainable fuel for ultra distance sports. Today, thousands of professional and amateur athletes around the world depend on Näak to explore new playgrounds and redefine what is physically possible.

Backed by Science

Näak Ultra Energy™ science was developed to meet the specific needs of ultra distance athletes. The idea is simple: the ingestion of a few macronutrients such as carbohydrates and electrolytes is not enough to fuel ultra distances. After a few hours of effort, you need a complete nutrition approach to go farther.

Preserve your playground

  • Hydrolized

    Hydrolyzed oat flour

    Gluten free oat flour, otpitmized specifically for being easily digestible. Ireland, Europe
  • Barley

    Barley Rice Protein

    EverGrain recycles beer by-products into high-quality protein, upcycled-certified malting barley. EverGrain
    Missouri, USA
  • Land Barley Rice Protein uses 30x less land than whey protein.
  • Reduction in plastic usageRecharge your single serves with a bulk bag.
  • Water Barley Rice Protein has 8x less impact on freshwater eutrophication than whey protein.

Commonly Asked Questions

How should you use Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix?

It is recommended to consume one serving (72g) of Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix in 500-750ml of water per hour depending on the intensity of the exercise and the weather conditions (heat and humidity).

What are BCAAs used for?

Proteins and especially BCAAs increase the body's ability to use fat as an energy source. Consuming BCAAs will allow you to use them directly as fuel, instead of drawing energy from your muscle mass, thus limiting muscle breakdown, cramps or injuries.

How well is the protein digested during exercise?

Protein, if provided in controlled quantities and in an optimized form, does not pose any digestion problems during exercise. At Näak, we use plant-based protein isolates that have been concentrated to facilitate their absorption.

Why are electrolytes important?

Electrolytes are essential to help your body function optimally when you exercise. They control fluid balance, muscle contractions and regulate blood pressure. Näak products are rich in potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium, which are electrolytes lost in sweat.

What type of sugars are used in Näak Drink Mix?

A mix of dextrose, which is a simple sugar very quickly absorbed and converted into energy, and maltodextrin, which allows a slightly slower diffusion over time. The oats bring a more complex sugar which will be digested more slowly and will allow a very long duration energy.

Can you fuel up only on Näak Drink Mix?

Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix was developed to provide you with all the nutrients you need during an ultra, especially when solid products are no longer available. You can take it alone or with other Näak products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Steve M. (Kimberley, CA)
Not Much Taste

There is not much taste to this soup. That's both a bad thing and a good thing. The bad thing is that I don't keenly look forward to drinking it, but the good thing is that when I do drink it ... it is non-offensive and seems to help my energy.

Nicolas M. (Vancouver, CA)

Ideal for winter outdoor activities. I am using them for sailing when it is cold and rainy. I love the salty flavor and the confort it provides.

Michael G. (Rouyn-Noranda, CA)
Bouillon salé

Très efficace pour les longues sorties, chaud dans un thermos permet d’attaquer les grosses journées froides. Par contre je devrai m’habituer au goût, de tous les produits Naak, c’est celui que j’ai le plus de difficulté avec l’arrière goût. Je m’attendais probablement à avoir le goût d’un bouillon de poulet normal. À suivre

Caroline R. (Blainville, CA)
Le bouillon qui réconforte même en entrainement!

Bon goût. Utilisé pour le patin nordique et encore un peu chaud. Je n’ai pas hésité à bien m’hydrater tout au long de cette sortie !
Bonne idée Näak !

maxime t. (Smithers, CA)
good product

Love the flavour use it all the time when ski touring in a thermost.

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