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Näak est votre nutrition sur le parcours de l'UTMB World Series.

Préservez votre terrain de jeu.

Chaque achat que vous effectuez crée un changement positif.

They are writing the history of our sport.

They aim to reach the summits.

The champions of tomorrow.

Community, Sharing, Passion.

They inspire us. They will inspire you.

Obtenez votre plan nutrition personnalisé.

The ultimate guide to reach your ultra endurance goals.

Fuel your mind with nutrition tips and more.

Discover delicious and nutritious recipes.



My name is Maite, and I’m from Spain. The mountains hold a special place in my heart, and spending time there brings me immense joy. I spend time in this environment to train and pursue my dreams. I have spent my whole life close to the mountains, but for me, my first introduction to trail running was when I stood on the podium. Since then, I have tried to combine pleasure and competition.


  • UTMB 2023 — 5th Place
  • Marathon Transgrancanaria 2023 — 4th Place
  • Ultra-Trail des Chevaliers by UTMB 2023 — 1st Place

Décrivez Näak en 3 mots ?

To describe Näak, I would say motivation, energy and natural products.

What's your biggest dream?

Athletically, I have realized my biggest dream, but now I'm curious about winning UTMB and experiencing that achievement alongside my other dreams.

Quels sont tes produits Näak préférés et pourquoi ?

I love the Waffles, Gels which I tried for the first time at UTMB, and Bars. I also like the Purees. They were a lifesaver in the last kilometers in Chamonix and made a big difference in my performance. These products fuel my performance with sustainable energy from natural ingredients.

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