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Mathieu Blanchard

Rosanna Buchauer

Discipline Ultra Running

Nationality Germany Flag Icon

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“Not one day, baby. Today. You decide. You run.”


Born in the Bavarian Alps I was always drawn to the mountains. I liked the simplicity and majesty. For my studies I moved to Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria. And never left. Never left because I became a better version of myself. The process is still ongoing I believe. I started running, I started to explore higher mountains. I found that I might not be the fastest, but I can run and hike for a very long time. So ultra-running became my thing. Running as many summits as possible in Summer. Combining training and joy in nature with all different sports to build my endurance. From mostly running in Summer, to biking and ski mountaineering and cross-country skiing in Winter I became an athlete I never imagined I could be. Next goals are mountain projects and UTMB World Series as well as the World Championships at home, here in Innsbruck.


Eiger Ultra by UTMB 2022

1st Place & course record


CCC 2022

5th Place


World Championship 2022

5th Place


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