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Mathieu Blanchard

Maxime Grenot

Discipline Ultra Running

Nationality France Flag Icon

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“Those who do nothing never make mistakes.”


Physiotherapist and Osteopath by training, I attach a lot of importance to the outdoors. Since I was a child I have spent my time running in the mountains, which is why I have been fully involved in TrailRunning for many years now. I first practiced competition on the athletic tracks while keeping the practice of hiking and jogging in the mountains with my family. Then, I participated in my first mountain races in the cadet-junior categories where I got my first selection in the French team. The interest for ultra endurance then pushed me to increase the distances progressively to arrive on the UltraTrail. Today, training for these ultra-distance competitions gives rhythm to my days and the desire to improve year after year is my leitmotiv.


SwissPeaks 2020

1st Place


UTMB 2022

26th Place


TDS 2019

7th Place


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