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Mathieu Blanchard

Johann Baujard

Discipline Trail Running

Nationality France Flag Icon

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“The more we marvel at nature, the more it offers us its wonders.”


Johann, 25 years old, passionate about nature and sports of all kinds for... 25 years! I started endurance sports with cross-country skiing as a teenager. In parallel I was running and in 2016 I switched to Trail with my first selection in the French junior team. Today, I am a professional athlete and I live in Haute Savoie in the heart of the French Alps. I am animated by the mountain and the nature beyond the competition. I like to discover and travel through it with the seasons, by ski, trail or bike. I am amazed by the landscapes and the life on Earth, and my greatest wish is that its protection is at the heart of all our concerns.


Skyrhune 2021 - GTWS

2nd Place


Marathon Mont Blanc 2022

11th Place


GTWS 2021

9th Place


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