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Naakbar Ambassador Naakbar Ambassador
Mathieu Blanchard

Audrey Tanguy

Discipline Ultra Running

Nationality France Flag Icon

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“Sport seeks out fear in order to dominate it, fatigue in order to triumph over it, and difficulty in order to overcome it”


Passionate about sports since I was a little girl, I first practiced figure skating for about ten years, in parallel with many other sports activities. Running has always been a part of my life. My mother has been running every day for 40 years, my sister also runs regularly. Running was, and still is today, our special moment. As others do a good meal, we do a nice family outing, which does not prevent good meals ;) It is only when I met Antoine Guillon, in 2017, that I approach the trail in a competitive way. I decided at that time to try the big competitions that impress me so much...and it works! From my first season, the results exceeded all my expectations. The thrill of victory is then engaged!


TDS 2018

1st Place


TDS 2019

1st Place


WMTRC 2022

1st team


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