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Mathieu Blanchard

Antoine Moses

Discipline Ultra Running

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“Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.”


I am a professional tree planter and endurance athlete. Originally from the Gaspé Peninsula, I have always had a passion for nature, sports and adventure challenges. My job, tree planting, allows me to surpass myself both physically and mentally and it is thanks to this type of effort that running has also become a passion. Surpassing myself in endurance sports has been part of my life for many years. Having run my first marathon at the age of 17, I challenged myself to run at least one a year for the rest of my life. In 2021, I ran my first ultra-marathon (Harricana 125km) and immediately fell in love with the sport. It is since this race that I have started to train more seriously. I am fascinated to see how far we can push the human limits.


Tree Planting Guinness World Record,

23060 trees planted in 24 hours, July 2021


IronMan Mont Tremblant 2022

3rd Place (Age group)


UTHC 2022

5th place


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