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Naakbar Ambassador Naakbar Ambassador
Mathieu Blanchard

Jazmine Lowther

Discipline Team Pro Ultra

Nationality Canada Flag Icon

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“Trail running is for everyone!”


Trail running has always been a mainstay in Jazmine’s life. In 2019, Her focus sharpened to ultra running after winning a 50k race, as 3rd overall, with no proper training. Her curiosity was piqued, and she embraced it.

Within 1 season, she shook the elite global trail and ultra-running scene with many breakout performances. Her 2022 darkhorse win and course record at Canyons 100k was a pivotal moment that confirmed her innate talent. She placed 4th at an unparalleled competitive field at CCC of the UTMB World Series Finale races. Starting in 2023, she secured second at TransGranCanaria Classic.

Jazmine aims to explore what’s possible. As a runner and multi-sport endurance athlete, many doors are open for moving long distances over mountains by running, climbing, skiing, and biking. Beyond the trails, Jazmine endeavors to inspire others to explore their athletic boundaries and be leaders in conserving wild spaces.


Canyons Endurance Runs 2022, 100k

1st place and course record


CCC 2022, 100k

4th place


TransGranCanaria 2023, 128k

4ème place

Jazmine's favorite fuel

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